I never knew…

I never knew that saying goodbye would be so hard. Of course I knew I would miss the friends I made, probably my host family too although working with them has been pretty exhausting sometimes.
But only when packing your suitcase I really realized what I am taking back with me – my luggage is full of new experiences, memories of adventures I am so glad to have gone on.
During my time here I often felt like I am taking a pause from my ‘real’life back home, now I realize how “real” my time here has been.
For everyone who is doing a time abroad or thinking about doing it- leaving, in the end, is hard, although your experience might have been a roller coaster. But it is also a wonderful feeling, to know you have accomplished something and left your traces in a totally different place, knowing that are people who you will remember and who will remember you and at the same time being aware of the people already waiting for you at home.
In the end, China really paid off for me – I learned so much about myself and also got an insight into the lives of the most interesting people I have ever met. I am entirely grateful and looking forward to new experiences…wherever my road will lead me!
Yours, Resi


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