Dear friends,
as my time in Beijing it is time to think back and resume on my six month here. What will I take with me? What have I learned? What were the hard parts? Would I do it again?
The answer, of course, is yes. Being an Au-pair showed me that I can take responsibility that I can work with children. Doing it in China showed me that I am flexible enough and can go with any environment.
There were serious ups and downs, of course. Chinese children can be pretty spoiled which means they can be pretty hard on you sometimes. It was very exhausting to work long weekends and at times I really missed being able to just be by yourself for a while. As an Au-pair, you cannot say no, meaning you have to play with the kid no matter how tired you are. Also, to stick to the hardships of my life here, living in such a huge city means you will spend ages on super-stuffed subways, and it can get quite confusing and overwhelming. Only yesterday (!) I discovered a whole city are with beautiful buildings and nice shops just south of the main square I have never heard of before!
But seriously, this is what I love about Beijing and Au-pairing in general: Every day is different. Every day you learn something new, about the place and culture you live in, about teaching and handling kids, about yourself. I love waking up not knowing what my day will bring, but knowing I will be there to face it. (Activities such as skiing, for example)
It is this feeling of freedom and endless possibility that I will miss most terribly when I go back. The rehearsals with my improv-theatre group(and the liberty to just go for a drink afterwards), the coffee times with my Austrian companions and class mates(knowing I am free to tell them whatever I want as we are in the same situation and we understand each other) or the lunches with my Chinese friends . I am also very grateful for my Chinese host family, they have supported me a lot and I will forever remember the smile of my kids when I came home from my day off. I hope I made a little difference in their lives…
Well, I’ve talked a lot about the past so I might as well give you a glimpse about my future…I will take my blog to Germany, Marburg an der Lahn, to be precise, so feel free to stay connected and know more about my European Voluntary Service I am going to do in a  theatre there!
I am looking forward to hear from you soon,


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