Autumn leaves


I just want to keep you updated on a few adventures I had since my last post.
First of all, there is my second trip to the great wall with my fellow Au-pairs, the perfectly sunny counterpart to our first camping experience. My highlight were a few school kids in their uniform wanting to take pictures with us
Last Sunday we also went to glass bridge – it is a thrilling experience to walk across a gorge with nothing but glass beneath you. If you can ignore the shaking you might even enjoy the mountainous scenery and the red autumn leaves.
Being here for almost two month now, I have to admit you start to miss some of all you left back home. (Well, it would be bad not to miss them because it really shows you how much they mean to you.) Being in a foreign country on your own gives you a lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibilities. Being alone, you just can’t fail to notice all the support and comfort you got from family and friends at home.
Luckily I am not without friends here, and whether it is managing to make typical Austrian Kaiserschmarren and listening to waltz, having a chat over Mongolian hot pot, watching a movie, sharing coffee before work, being invited for delicious Chinese dinner, joining outdoor trips or just hanging out and talking about this strange new planet that we are making our home, it is those occasions that make my stay here a really good time.
Resi’s road continues….


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