Hi everybody!
Nice to be able to say hello again it has been some days and I have been busy trying not to get lost in China.
Today I want to inform you a little about some points you might be curious about…
…Chinese family life cannot be compared to ours, at least as far as my guest family is concerned. They greeted me very warmly but their life is a mixture of old traditions and new technology you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We have a TV, a top Wi-Fi and a washing mashine, but underpants are still washed by hand…
…the same is true for Chinese traffic, where the latest models drive (no, squeeze) along heavily loaded bicycles and dirty trucks. Tracks are something that can be disposed of, so are seatbelts, even for children and do not ask me about traffic lights…I guess that gives your imagination a hint in the right direction.
Last but not least, Chinese cuisine is very delicious and not so strange as everyone keeps thinking. However, do not ask me what I ate because I did not ask and I do not plan to do so. If you like it, eat it, that’s the motto!
What else can I tell you about? As some of you have asked me, weather here is great. No smog so far but summer warm temperatures. Best weather to get to some sightseeing, and that’s what I will do tomorrow.
See you! Resi


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hola pequeña ratón
    Si los demás escriben en alemán, yo te escribiré en español. Aunque no hay ningún sonido tan delicioso como el de la lengua materna.
    Veo q estás en periodo de instalación. Cómo es tu jornada, cómo son las vistas de tu habitación?


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