Registration for Aliens

Hi to you all!
This is my first post from china just to tell you that I am alright.
I arrived to Beijing after an exhausting plain journey and was taken to my host family by my organization.
First thing first – driving in China is something completely different and Chinese drivers are completely crazy… and cyclists even more so. I saw one driving on a road whit about 5 lanes…
My host family is extremely friendly and I am really looking forward to work on the reading and writing of my 6 year old host daughter. It will take some time to settle into family routine and to get to know my place here (and even to find out where I am exactly, as I have not seen much of the city yet.)
The one time I went out of the house was to get registered at the local police station. I learned what it means to be illiterate…the signs on the wall seemed pretty important, only I had no idea what they meant. Only one of them was in English “Registration for aliens“was the info about the need to register for foreigners …but for the moment, alien is the better definition for what I am feeling.
But step by step…and until I write again. Resi


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