Packing list


Dear all!
Time flies when you are having fun, and although the last few days were quite stressful, they went away like nothing. I can barely believe that it is the 5th of September today, tomorrow I will take off for Beijing…a fact that I can´t really grasp yet.
Nevertheless, I managed to pack my suitcase and want to give you some insight into my packing list.
1. Warm jacket, hat and scarf – I am flying into Beijing’s winter so I expect temperatures below 0
2. Sport stuff – don´t expect me to go half a year without my running shoes!
3. English teaching equipment – as I will be teaching English to the kids of my host family I took some materials I thought to be useful. Some books, some songs, some movies… I am always grateful for new ideas, so if you could post a comment this would be great.
4. (Colored) breathing masks – yes, air can get quite bad in Beijing, so I have to bring some of those strange masks that always used to scare me as a child. Now it isn´t that bad, especially because a friend of mine colored one of my masks with flowers.
5. Guest presents – of course one can´t go without some quite stereotypical souvenirs from Austria to give to the host family. I packed them all into Graz maps; I hope they will like it.
Last but not least, I will take Hermes, my cat…well, don´t know if that would be a good idea although he seems to have mistaken my suitcase for his new bed…
See you in Beijing,


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