Bye, Graz!

Dear friends,
I didn’t plan to post so soon, but I just had to share this wonderful image of Graz. I can barely imagine take off is just a few hours away.
Tomorrow I will touch down in Moscow until I arrive in Beijing the day after…
…hopefully I will be picked up at the airport …hopefully my family and me will get along well…hopefully I will find my way through bustling Beijing.
But whatever may happen, I plan to make the best out of it and if I get lost I will at least have some stories to tell to you…
Thanks for all your wishes and gifts, they will support me and accompany me (my packing list has seen two amendments  in an “Emil“ sweater remembering my last opera performance and an “Edelweiß“ cloth reminding me of the alps)
See you in Beijing, now or never!


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