Ready, set and GO!

This is my first post, talking about my last days in Austria. My time at home has an expiration date, 6th of September…it is a strange feeling for me. Strolling through luminous nighttime Graz, I can´t help but get a little sentimental…
Worst of all I did not have the time to meet all people I wanted to say goodbye to. I just hope you understand and we can keep in contact!
Pero basta ya! Actually I have little time for such thoughts, as there remains a lot to organize. Booking flights, starting a blog, learning Chinese or visiting the embassy in Vienna. It was a fun day by the way. Looking at the Chinese around you, trying to guess what they are talking about, identifying Chinese expressions on the wall and imagining what it will be like in Beijing. And it was no coincidence that the nice lady at the supermarket counter I visited afterwards was Chinese too!
I hope I will find time to write again soon, Resi


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